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Bridging Loans

Immediate finance available for First & Second Charge loans with high LTV and excellent rates. read more on residential loans

Bridging Loans

Quick finance available when funds are required to purchase commercial property or raise business capital. read more on commercial loans

Property Development Finance & Loans

Sunrise Commercial has funders available looking to lend on small residential developments up to £1m. read more on property development loans

Bridging Loans UK delivers Fast Bridging Finance

Bridging Loans UK is a high-end bridging loan brokerage firm that specializes in providing the best bridging loan finance rates in the marketplace. Finding the most knowledgeable and well-connected broker is the first and most important step in gaining access to the entire UK market for lenders and Bridging Loan companies. Due to the fact that many our partnership lenders are considered niche lenders, and are therefore not available to the general public, access to these companies can only be achieved through the representation of a brokerage firm. Bridging UK offers all-inclusive services that includes a complete assessment of each client's circumstances, locates the most compatible lender, and expertly guides their client through the entire application process.

Arranging Loans from 25,000 to 25 Million Pounds

The scope of our services include the arrangement of loans between 25,000 to 20 million pounds. Generally, the terms for repayment of the loan acquired are up to twelve months although in some cases this time frame may be extended. Bridging UK offers short-term loans that are secured for the purchase of residential and commercial properties, as well as those for land. Due to the short-term nature of the loans, rates and charges are typically higher than usual mortgage loans. Bridging UK provides loans that are extremely competitive and begin as low as .95% per month, and may be non-status in some instances. Bridging UK extends loan services to individuals, renters, sole traders, partnerships, and limited liability companies. The security of which the loans are secured on may include property assets such as residential and commercial holdings, and as a result of these securities, the credit rating of the borrower is not the most important criteria. In cases where the borrower has sufficient equity in the property, the majority of fees associated with the loan may be added to the principle of the loan.

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Bridging Loans for Residential Properties

Loan of up to 75% of the current gross market value may be obtained for free- or leasehold residential properties. For residential properties with sufficient equity, the fees and interest may be applied to the principle amount of the loan to offer flexible payment options. Interest rates for residential loans begin at 0.75% per month and repayment terms allow for a period of 12 months for repayment. Residences that are unable to be mortgaged may be borrowed against in order to bring the property up to a condition that is acceptable for a mortgage.

Bridging Loans for Commercial Properties

Commercial bridging loans may be obtained through Bridging UK for commercial properties or land up to 65% of the current market value of the property. In some cases of partially commercial holdings, loans for up to 75% of open market value are possible. Similar to residential loans, the terms for repayment of commercial bridging loans are for a period of 12 months.

Second-Charge Loans

Bridging UK also offer second-charge loans which are considered to be behind the first-charge loans. These are generally more expensive than first-charge loans due to the increased degree of risk associated with these types of loans. Second-charge loans may be secured on either residential properties or commercial properties. The maximum loan amount for a second-charge loan is 70% of the property's value, minus the pre-existing loan amount which includes associated redemption fees. The terms of a second-charge loan are 12 months and must be a minimum of 25,000 pounds.

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